Solicore’s Flexion batteries are the perfect power source for products that require onboard power yet need to be ultra-thin and flexible in design. Flexion is ideally suited for powered card applications, enabling- One Time Password (OTP), Real Time Clock (RTC) and Biometric based solutions. In addition to power cards, Solicore batteries power RFID (radio frequency identification) tags and sensors, security and informational devices, and thin film medical drug delivery products. The Flexion battery is designed for rapid integration as a scalable component as the primary power source within a variety of applications.

Solicore's Flexion batteries are perfect for credit cards and powered cards because they survive hot lamination.  One time password, OTPPowered Cards
The next generation of credit cards and security cards are known as “powered cards.” These “intelligent” cards may contain memory chips or microprocessors which require embedded battery power.

Solicore’s Flexion battery is a self-contained energy source and the power behind the powered card, enabling applications like:

  • One Time Password
  • Secure Access/ID
  • Financial
  • Dynamic Magnetic Stripe
  • Biometric
  • Contactless
  • Loyalty & Gift

Solicore is the established market leader and partner of choice to the world’s foremost card providers. The first commercially available OTP, RTC and ISO-certified biometric solutions were powered by Flexion.  Our high-speed manufacturing line offers the only production-ready supply option to meet the growing market’s demand beyond pilot and test quantities. 

Supply chain reliability is critical to any new program, and Solicore has invested the time, effort and capital to meet those needs.

The Flexion product line offers 10mAh, 14mAh and 25mAh battery solutions in both supported tab and extended tab configurations.  Due to its unique design and flexibility, Flexion easily passes all ISO7816 requirements for powered cards and survives the hot lamination processes used in most card-manufacturing today.  No other battery in the marketplace offers end users the key attributes of thin, flexible and safe like Solicore.

Until now, the vision of powered card applications went unfulfilled.  With the advent of Flexion, this vision is now a reality.  New products that require on-board battery power are emerging every day.  Design engineers are no longer be hampered by having to design around bulky, rigid batteries.  Solicore is ushering in a new dawn in design flexibility with our enabling technology -- providing like no other battery can.

In addition to powered cards, Solicore is working with and providing products for a variety of other applications where thin, flexible and safe batteries are key attributes to the successful deployment of a solution.   An example of this solution requirement can be found in the deployment of RFID technology.

Solicore's Flexion batteries are a great fit for RFID ( radio frequency identification) tags and devices due to their small, thin size.RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Devices
As a means for automatic data collection, RFID is the next generation technology and surpasses bar coding to capture key data without human intervention.  RFID devices (tags, cards, labels, and fobs) utilize radio waves to communicate to a host device.  As the waves travel from the tag to the reader/antenna system, unique data is captured and relayed to a backend software system, identifying the “who, what, when and where” of the item being tracked. 

The limitations of this type of system are directly related to RFID tag’s accessibility to power.  As such, a Flexion-powered tag would greatly extend the range of communication.   Furthermore, Flexion would enable additional functionalities on the device – like temperature and pressure sensing.

RFID technology is used for inventory asset control and tracking, work-in-process (WIP)/quality control systems, personnel locators, and “over the air” information exchanges.  Flexion enables a whole new generation of enhanced RFID products.

  • Powered Tags
  • Supply Chain Tracking
  • Secure Access Control
  • Transportation
  • Time & Temperature Indicators
  • Personnel tracking
  • Others ...

RFID is a rapidly expanding market that enables visibility that does not exist today.  The addition of power to the RFID tag opens up the possibilities to extend both range and drive key sensor activity.

Finally, Flexion batteries have found a fit within the medical device marketplace as the battery of choice where thin, flexible and safe are critical. 

Extremely thin, Solicore's Flexion batteries conform to the shape and size of transdermal patches and other advancements in medicine.Thin-Film Medical Products

Advances in the field of medicine, along with the miniaturization of electronics, have created a host of new medical devices and applications. 

New methods for transdermal drug delivery (TDD) are being used and a dependable, thin, flexible and safe power option is needed to power the integrated circuit that ensures proper dosage control.

Markets for wearable sensors that measure the body’s temperature, pulse rates, etc., are starting to emerge.  Flexion batteries are uniquely and ideally suited to power all of these emerging products.

  • Patient Monitoring & Tracking
  • Transdermal Drug Delivery
  • Accelerated Healing Devices
  • Pharmaceutical Compliance


The need for power to drive sensor-based applications and electronic devices requires a unique battery solutions; one that is based both on design parameters, as well as, environmental and disposal restrictions. The Flexion battery line offers designers/developers the ability to incorporate a very thin, flexible and safe battery to act as either a direct or secondary power source.

Examples of application deployments include the powering of temperature and pressure sensors within the manufacturing sector as a tool for quality control. The ease of integration and robustness of the battery has enabled the development of products that are thinner and more compact. As the electronics marketplace looks to differentiate offerings, the ability to repackage becomes a critical component. In the past, the size, form factor and environmental concerns of traditional battery technologies limited innovation. With Flexion, this is no longer an issue or concern.

Application/Design Integration

Combining Flexion’s wide array of capabilities with application assistance, R&D, and manufacturing resources, Solicore enables its customers to deploy innovative solutions into new markets.  Moreover, Solicore leverages years of battery integration experience in order to bring its customers to market faster.   Our market leadership and proven ability to drive concept to reality is further supported by our numerous long-term partnerships with firms specializing in flexible displays, semiconductors, flexible circuits, authentication technology, microelectronic design, and full-scale battery integration services.

From conceptual evaluation to detailed design and applications engineering, our team is eager to assist you with your new or existing program.  Contact your sales representative via the sales contact link located on the home page for further assistance.

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