About Solicore

Solicore corporate offices and manufacturing facility in Lakeland Florida Solicore is a worldwide leader of embedded power solutions, offering its Flexion product portfolio of advanced ultra-thin, flexible, lithium polymer batteries for powered cards, RFID, and micro medical devices.  Solicore has developed an advanced battery technology that is ultra-thin, flexible, safe, and environmentally friendly, which significantly enhances the capabilities of lithium-based batteries.  The company’s patented and proprietary technology is based on polyimide chemistry that has created a truly solid-state electrolyte.

Solicore also offers technology integration services that enable customers to accelerate their time to market and increase product design efficiencies.  Solicore’s headquarters, R&D and manufacturing facilities are located in Lakeland, Florida.

Solicore's Primary target markets include:

  1. Powered Cards - Product applications include: One-Time-Password (OTP) cards, stored value, gift, loyalty cards, contactless, multi-transit, biometric, smart cards, health insurance / government secure ID cards, tracking of high risk items such as blood, pharmaceuticals, high value items such as cardiac catheters and stents

  2. RFID Device - Battery applications include: electronic shelf labels, inventory powered tags, supply chain tracking with increased read distance and information storage, time and temperature indicators, monitoring and tracking of elderly, children and other individuals considered high risk.

  3. Medical Devices -  Applications requiring battery power include: wireless patches used for out-patient, transdermal administration of medication, wireless TENS patches, wireless patches for patient monitoring such as EKG leads, vital signs monitoring, and patient wristbands.

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